Port of Cork implements digital platform for operations management

The Port of Cork Company (PoCC) in Ireland has entered an agreement with port management systems provider Innovez One to use its digital platform to improve the efficiency of port calls and operations.

Under the agreement, Innovez One will provide its marineM software to optimise services for vessels arriving and departing Ireland’s second-largest port.

The application will be used to automate the scheduling of port, tug, and pilotage services, leveraging algorithms powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to manage schedules and dispatch resources. Pilots and tugboats will be assigned to jobs in the most efficient way possible based on the software’s calculations, with resources dynamically reallocated if a vessel’s ETA changes.

Agents will also be able to register their vessels, order services such as supplies, logistics and marine services, and track the progress of each job from an online portal linked to the application, with all billing processes automated within the platform.

“The Port of Cork plays a central role for our local communities and businesses, keeping Ireland connected as part of global supply chains. We have high ambitions to deliver smarter, greener and more efficient operations, which will benefit our environment as well as the local and national economy. Having a strong digital backbone is essential to this,” said Conor Mowlds, Chief Commercial Officer at the Port of Cork Company.

“By partnering with Innovez One, we are proud to take the next step of our digitalisation journey, fully harnessing the latest advances in artificial intelligence to create a more efficient and sustainable future.”

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