IoT sensors added to Meratus containers

Indonesian shipping company Meratus has introduced its new SMARCO-Smart Container system, adding IoT sensors, GPS tracking, and cloud connectivity to its boxes.

The SMARCO equipment will provide visibility and control of container shipments, including real-time monitoring of movement, speed, shock, intrusion, and temperature changes. An in-built security system is also included to detect any unauthorised opening or forced entry.

After arrival at the destination, the system sends customers a report detailing any events during the shipment process, which the company says can be used to optimise subsequent shipments for cost efficiency, time effectiveness, and carbon emission reduction.

“SMARCO is Meratus’ new innovation that allows our customers to have full visibility of the entire container shipment process,” said Farid Belbouab, CEO of Meratus.

“With real-time information, our customers can easily track their containers on land or sea. The information available in SMARCO can also be used for analysing operational cost savings and better security systems.”

Features of the SMARCO device include 16-sided intrusion detection, temperature sensing, shock detection, weight prediction technology, and built-in logging. It also has solar panel battery charging, vibration and acceleration sensing, and motion sensing capabilities. The battery can last up to 10 years.

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