Hyundai to adapt self-driving car technology for autonomous vessels

AVIKUS, HD Hyundai’s in-house startup focused on autonomous vessel navigation, has announced plans to adapt Hyundai’s self-driving technology for cars for use in the marine environment.

The mobilgene vehicle software platform developed by Hyundai AutoEver, a subsidiary company of Hyundai Motor Group, was developed based on the global development standard AUTOSAR and has been applied to more than 200 types of controllers mass-produced by the automobile industry.

Hyundai plans to apply this technology to ship operations and integrate it with NeuBoat, an autonomous system for leisure craft developed by Avikus that provides steering and docking capabilities corresponding to the users’ selected level of navigation assistance. The goal is to be ready for mass production in 2026.

“We are excited about the synergy between Hyundai AutoEver’s solid software platform and the highest level of Avikus autonomous operation technology. Together, we will create a new paradigm in boat autonomous operation,” said Lim Do-hyeong, CEO of Avikus.

“Compared to self-driving cars, autonomous boating is a brand-new market, and it is expected to quickly grow in popularity due to the nature of leisure boats, with many novice drivers and low price elasticity.”

“Applying a highly reliable hardware/software platform that has been proven in the automobile industry is expected to overwhelm market competitors, especially with the application of functional safety and cybersecurity technologies at the level of autonomous vehicles.”

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