GTMaritime updates email software for LEO environments

GTMaritime reports that it has updated its GTMailPlus product, with the Version 4 release designed to add improvements in cyber security and network stability as vessels increase their adoption of new Low Earth Orbit (LEO) connectivity options. 

Version 4 includes network switch capabilities tested on newly introduced services to maintain email delivery regardless of whether the ship is using LEO networks, VSAT or low bandwidth connectivity in any hybrid combination.  

“LEO connectivity is a big step forward for the maritime industry,” said Jamie Jones, Operations Director at GTMaritime.

“However, there will be times during a vessel’s voyage where the primary connection is not available. Having difficulties sending and receiving email during these times will have an adverse impact on vessel operations: GTMailPlus becomes invaluable in ensuring this critical communication line is available 100% of the time.”

“We have also seen a large demand for GTMailPlus to compliment shore side solutions, such as Office365, which we can fully integrate with GTMailPlus, to ensure Office365 works in sub-optimal maritime conditions.” 

GTMaritime says that it has simplified its installer and incorporated its GTDeploy Basic software deployment platform as standard, allowing users to manage all GTMaritime software installations and updates from shore side.

The latest version of GTMailPlus also offers a new webmail client with additional features including a WYSIWYG editor, improved message and folder management, better search and sorting, and other performance optimisations.  

“We’re really pleased to offer all of the above benefits to our customers as standard. The continuous investment in our products, specifically in cyber security, allows our customers to be assured that their communications are protected so they can focus on their core business operations,” adds Mr Jones

The latest version of GTMailPlus is now available to all existing GTMaritime customers via the management dashboard.

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