Spire partners with BlackSky on automatic vessel tracking

Spire Global has partnered with BlackSky, a provider of geospatial intelligence systems, to develop a real-time Maritime Custody Service (MCS) that can automatically detect, identify and track more than 270,000 vessels worldwide in open water, along rivers and canals, and while docked at port.

The MCS uses data from Spire’s radio frequency-monitoring satellite constellation to detect emissions from maritime targets, including dark vessels that manipulate their reported position in order to conceal nefarious activities.

BlackSky’s satellites then automatically collect imagery alongside that data and analyse the images using artificial intelligence to detect vessels, classifying each vessel by type, and monitoring changes over time.

“The ability to identify, locate and continue to monitor ships, especially those that are spoofing their location, is becoming increasingly important as dark shipping activity continues to impact the global economy, our environment and the safety of people,” said Iain Goodridge, Senior Director of Radio Frequency Geolocation Products at Spire.

“This unique fusion of satellite-based data sources and analytics delivers actionable intelligence and situational awareness that increases transparency into global maritime operations and security for people and critical assets.”

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