CoolCo expands use of BASS software package

LNG vessel operator Cool Company Ltd (CoolCo) has expanded its use of the BASSnet fleet management software system, adding Vetting and HSEQ modules to its operations.

The shipping company had already adopted the BASSnet Projects module for planning, preparation and execution of dry dockings across its fleet of gas carriers.

“As a comprehensive fleet management solution, BASSnet offers high value to ensure our fleet’s safety and quality performance,” said Karl Oddvar Eeg, Head of HSEQ and Marine at CoolCo.

“We are implementing all the BASSnet modules for safety and risk management, document management, auditing, inspections, vetting and TMSA. It’s a pleasure to see the significant synergies across the BASSnet software suite.”

“BASSnet’s interconnected modules also enable us to use related reporting tools to cover the full flow of events, observations, non-conformities, or suggestions—whether it is from the fleet’s operations or from audits, inspections or vetting.”

The HSEQ software can be used to control and manage operational procedures and routines for technical assets or other activities, carrying a full history of work carried out to be used for validation and verification during vetting, inspections, and audits.

“As a complete ERP system, BASSnet streamlines the HSEQ process flow across the entire fleet,” added Per Steinar Upsaker, CEO and Managing Director at BASS Software.

“Our all-in-one HSEQ software enables companies to meet safety standards effectively and efficiently. BASSnet’s centralised database provides holistic analytics to manage fleetwide safety and quality.”

CoolCo will also deploy BASSnet’s Safety & Quality mobile app for on-site digital data exchange with BASSnet. Personnel can create, upload and mark up images, complete audit and inspection checklists, create new event reports, and assign follow-up actions.

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