Star Information Systems moves to the cloud

Norwegian software provider Star Information Systems has launched STAR Suite, connecting its various STAR enterprise asset management (EAM) applications and apps within a new SaaS (software as a service) cloud platform.

“User-friendliness is vital for busy seafarers. With STAR Suite we’ve worked hard to modernise the desktop interface compared to the existing EAM,” said Star’s Product Director Per Anders Koien.

“We’ve also improved the entire installation process. First-time installation onboard a vessel will take an hour at most, but after that every new user can be up and running in a minute. The software is also continuously and seamlessly upgraded so you always have the latest version.”

“The system is customisable so we can configure customers’ preferred user interface if desired. From the start we can also configure any kind of supportive business process. This flexibility is very important in view of the fact that our customers range from oil and drilling rig companies to liner and ferry operators, all with widely differing business workflows. If at any time they want to change those processes we can easily adapt the system without requiring a whole new version, which also means less cost.”

The platform has additionally added new mobile apps to support crew onboard, including apps for work quotas and spare parts inventory management. Any data collected auto-synchronises with the central database onboard for centralised control.

To mitigate against a lack of onboard connectivity disrupting access to the internet, Star installs a web server on the ship as a local cloud, which will then synchronise with the online centralised cloud when an appropriate connection is available.

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