Arinto launched as latest Flagship Founders start-up

Berlin-based venture studio Flagship Founders has announced the spin-off of another maritime tech start-up, a software company focused on enabling ‘Just-In-Time Arrival’ for merchant ships called Arinto.

Based on real-time data analysis and machine learning technologies, the startup is currently developing its software to access various commercial data sources, including Automatic Identification System (AIS) data, for analysis by machine learning algorithms.

Parameters assessed will include congestion in the port in question, the shipping traffic in front of the vessel and the current waiting times, before a recommendation is provided on the optimal arrival time at the port. Arinto notes that the software does not optimise the route itself, but rather the arrival time of the ship to differentiate from existing voyage optimisation tools.

“The potential market for Arinto is large, and almost untapped at that,” said Isabel Sum, Founder and Managing Director of Arinto.

“Emissions reduction is the number one issue in shipping. The pressure from politics and legislation is extremely high. In the long term, no company will be able to afford the kind of inefficiencies we see everywhere now. This in-turn leads to a strong increase in demand pressure from the shipping companies. Everyone is looking for solutions – and we offer them.”

Arinto is currently in the product development phase, with a new team to be built up over the next few months. The market launch of the software is planned for later this year.

“Our claim is to only develop business models that solve pressing problems in the market. Our other startups Kaiko Systems, Tilla Technologies and zero44 have shown that we live up to this,” said Fabian Feldhaus, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Flagship Founders.

“Our pre-foundation validation phase clearly showed the great potential in the market for Arinto. With Isabel Sum, we have also found the perfect founder and managing director. I am sure Arinto will quickly prove its relevance and value to the industry.”

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