Inmarsat adds coastal GSM connectivity with Fleet Reach

Inmarsat has announced a new Fleet Reach coastal LTE service for maritime connectivity, to be offered to merchant, offshore, energy and fishing customers for use when sailing near the coast or docked in-port.

The new service forms part of Inmarsat ORCHESTRA, the satellite company’s ‘network of networks’ which uses multiple technologies in multiple orbits to deliver connectivity.

Fleet Reach constantly monitors signal quality and selects the right technology for the best connection as and when required, drawing on mobile terrestrial technologies as well as satellite connectivity. The service is available on regional plans for vessels operating in one region, or multi-regional plans for those sailing around the world.

“We know the enormous impact that seamless connectivity at sea has for seafarers – both on productivity and crew welfare – especially with so much time being spent in-port. Our new Fleet Reach service – the latest update to our Fleet Xpress solution – is a major step forward, enabling uninterrupted connectivity from sea, to shoreline, to port, and back again, wherever and whenever it is needed,” said Ben Palmer, President, Inmarsat Maritime.

“The power of Inmarsat’s multi-technology, multi-orbit ORCHESTRA platform is the backbone behind this seismic change in coastal connectivity, taking advantage of our world-class GX constellation as well as terrestrial technologies.”

“Five more Global Xpress satellite payloads and the three recently announced Inmarsat-8 L-band satellites are set to enter service over the coming years to bolster this connectivity and the certainty it brings even further. We look forward to seeing the maritime sector reap the rewards of this consistent, reliable connectivity.”

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