DeepSea Technologies to make shipping AI model available free to researchers

DeepSea Technologies has announced that it is making a full vessel data set and its automatic model evaluation tool available for free to the shipping industry for the next 12 months, to support innovation and research projects in the field of AI.

The announcement follows the publication of the winners of the Shifts Challenge 2023, a collaboration between academic and industrial researchers exploring AI in shipping. Overall, the Challenge received 175 submissions from institutional and academic research teams and individuals, focusing on ship power prediction and white matter multiple sclerosis lesion segmentation.

The winning submission in the shipping track was made by a team from IBM Dublin, which proposed an approach to harness lessons from the wind turbine sector in order to gain new insights. The team’s system was used to predict vessel power under a broad set of conditions, recording a 13% performance improvement against the reference model DeepSea provided as a baseline.

The full vessel data set from the challenge will now be provided for use to researchers and technical specialists in the maritime industry and can be accessed via Zenodo (an open-source research database operated by CERN).

“Though AI is still a relative newcomer to the shipping sector, it has already proven itself as an exceptional tool for those looking to optimise fuel consumption, emissions, and industry ratings,” said Dr Konstantinos Kyriakopoulos, CEO and co-founder of DeepSea.

“Like any other cutting-edge research area, this technology can only develop as part of an ecosystem, and the Shifts Project is (amongst other things) designed to help catalyse and support this movement. Industrial AI is a field where BS is rife, and it’s these sorts of initiatives that help the industry to know who to trust.”

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