Blue Planet begins ERP implementation project

Blue Planet Shipping of Greece has agreed a deal to begin a full implementation of a new ERP platform from Singapore-based software company JiBe.

The move is part of a wider project by Blue Planet to upgrade its operational capabilities and move towards DDDM (Data Driven Decision Making) throughout its shore and onboard operations.

This has included a recent deal to install Starlink satellite communication systems on its fleet of dry bulk carriers to expand data exchange capabilities.

The implementation of the JiBe ERP platform is expected to commence in the coming weeks, with training and support to be provided to ensure that Blue Planet Shipping employees are brought up to speed with the new system.

The software offers a centralised PMS which maps shipboard equipment to help streamline maintenance, as well as supporting predictive procurement in consumables and spares. Other modules will allow the company to automate a range of routine tasks and improve decision-making through data-driven insights.

“We are excited to partner with JiBe ERP to revolutionise our operations,” said Matthew Los, CEO of Blue Planet Shipping.

“As our company grows, it is essential to have a robust ERP system that enables us to make better decisions using real time data and analysis. JiBe ERP’s expertise and track record made them the ideal choice for us.”

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