Coach Solutions adds EU emissions trading calculator to maritime platform

Coach Solutions, a maritime software provider owned by Kongsberg Digital, reports that it has released a new calculator application to allow vessel operators to calculate changing sailing costs under the EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS).

Integrated into the broader Coach Solutions voyage optimisation platform, the calculator provides a means of estimating the additional voyage costs of buying EU ETS carbon allowances against a specific vessel. Users can also adjust parameters based on voyage length and speed to view the impact of slow steaming or different route options.

The calculator uses a dynamic model for the cost of EU emissions allowances, allowing for price changes as the shipping industry joins the scheme and the availability of credits changes over time.

“We talked with our clients and sought their views on the ETS and their forward planning and found that despite the noise around this subject there was no tool that could help them understand what it means for them,” said Christian Råe Holm, Head of Performance Management, Coach Solutions.

“Our customers work across the different tramp segments in wet and dry bulk and it seemed obvious that this kind of functionality could help our customers prepare and plan for this new era.”

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