Port of Oakland to deploy QuayChain real-time data collection system

The Port of Oakland has announced a new partnership with QuayChain Technologies to improve its real-time data collection capabilities.

QuayChain’s neural network system will be used to deliver accurate supply chain data to help the Port of Oakland provide key metrics to stakeholders.

“Our goal has been for the Port to be one of the first organisations piloting a data transparency portal to make sure people know where their cargo is,” said Bryan Brandes, the Port of Oakland’s Director of Maritime.

“We believe that this street data from QuayChain will be at the core of the Port of Oakland’s new portal with real-time data of the movement of containers, chassis, and trucks across the streets of the Port that will give us new insights that no other Port in the US or the world has, continuing Oakland’s leadership role in port innovation and sustainable technology.”

The Port says that QuayChain will shortly begin deployment of its QEDs (QuayChain Edge Devices) across the facility to collect data about operations.

“We are excited to partner with Port of Oakland’s forward-thinking leadership team to provide data to all users of this vital West Coast gateway. We will be announcing our first pilot companies from major importers, exporters, forwarding, chassis, and trucking communities in the coming months,” said QuayChain’s CEO, Andrew Scott.

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