Port Everglades goes live with terminal automation system

Port Everglades Terminal (PET), a 40-acre terminal in the Southport area of Port Everglades in Florida, reports that it has gone live with a new platform to integrate and automate gate management and fee payment.

The eModal system will be delivered by Advent eModal (AeM), a provider of port community systems for the intermodal supply chain. PET is using eModal to automate capabilities across its container terminal to increase cargo visibility for the terminal and to supply that data to various stakeholders.

The implementation includes AeM’s PreGate and Fee Manager applications, which are integrated into the eModal Community Portal (eCP). The eCP is a module within eModal that streamlines port and intermodal operations by increasing cargo visibility, facilitating fee payments and overseeing appointment functions.

“Today, marine terminal operators must move ever-increasing cargo volumes within limited terminal acreage. It’s imperative to streamline operations,” said Rick Blackmore, CEO of Port Everglades Terminal.

“With eModal’s PreGate and Fee Manager applications, we can improve gate flow, expand our capacity to allow more throughput and provide better visibility and service to our trucker and shipper community.”

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