BV invests in OrbitMI

Bureau Veritas has announced that it has made an investment in New York-based maritime software company OrbitMI, to accelerate its development of both new and existing data-driven technologies.

“We are linking the interests of operators and charterers in ship and fleet performance with our technical expertise, insight, and classification activities. This expanding role is deeply intertwined with data monitoring and the implementation of digital solutions,” said Matthieu de Tugny, President, Marine & Offshore at Bureau Veritas.

“Additionally, as a world leader in audit and certification across multiple industries, Bureau Veritas brings unique insight, an unparalleled global footprint, and a high level of trust from our customers.” 

OrbitMI is a provider of software-as-a-service packages to the maritime sector, connecting multiple systems into integrated workflows directly via desktop and mobile app. The company is also involved in a joint venture with Ifchor Galbraiths called Maritime Carbon Solutions (MCS), an information-as-a-service firm that provides shipowners and cargo owners with real-time information on CO2 emissions. 

Following its new investment, the value of which has not been disclosed, Bureau Veritas’ Marine & Offshore division will work together with OrbitMI to explore ways of addressing clients’ immediate regulatory and decarbonisation requirements posed by CII, EU ETS and the recently enacted FuelEU standards.  

“This collaboration is a significant affirmation, from a long-established maritime institution and global testing, inspection and certification giant, of OrbitMI’s expertise in digital innovation and our strategy to operationalise data through the Orbit platform into intelligent connected workflows across pre-fixture, fixture and post fixture,” said Ali Riaz, CEO of OrbitMI.

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