Dualog introduces centralised crew communications portal

Dualog has launched a new portal service to centralise various crew communications and company information bulletins within a single location, named Dualog Seafarer.

The system provides each crew member with a secure corporate digital identity, which is used to manage different types of data exchange between ship and shore, including email and other corporate communications.

All ship staff are provided with individual email addresses under a single corporate domain and can use a single sign-on (SSO) capability to access various information sources using one set of credentials, removing the need for multiple login IDs.

The platform employs enterprise-grade cybersecurity, providing shipping companies with the ability to enforce two-factor/multi-factor authentication (2FA/MFA) policies for increased network protection.

“We understand the intricacies of crew communication in the maritime industry. Dependence on private, unverified email accounts for official correspondence and work messages raises significant security concerns,” said Mikael Johannessen, Product Manager at Dualog.

“Dualog Seafarer provides each crew member with a dedicated and verified digital identity, introducing a new era of efficient communication and easy access to vital digital tools. Beyond security and professionalism, it’s about empowering our seafaring colleagues.”

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