Anglo-Eastern hits 100 with Starlink

Ship manager Anglo-Eastern has confirmed that it has now completed 100 installations of the Starlink maritime connectivity service across its managed fleet, just months after confirming plans to roll out the service on its ships.

“We now have Starlink-equipped vessels operating in every corner of the world and we are delighted with the service,” said CIO Torbjorn Dimblad.

“We consistently experience internet speeds exceeding 100 Mbps everywhere that Starlink is available. Starlink-equipped vessels also have 90% fewer connectivity-related issues, with the connection speed enabling a 30% faster resolution of IT support issues, marking a paradigm shift in the way we operate.”

Among the new applications for the system include the introduction of Teams calls for QHSE teams to connect with vessels to discuss onboard incidents, replacing one-to-one conversations with combined sessions including three or four ships at once over video.

This allows crews to interact one another and share experiences between different vessel teams, improving collaboration on process improvements.

Surveys of crew using the connectivity on board has found that 91% of respondents have not changed the amount of time spent online, though 90% reported a boost in morale with the improved speed available allowing the company’s seafarers to connect through video calls and stream media on services like Netflix. Many respondents have also embraced online learning, completing educational courses at sea, Anglo-Eastern adds.

“It is well documented that an engaged team has a profound impact on safe, reliable, and efficient vessel operations,” said COO Carsten Ostenfeldt Ostenfeldt.

“We are pleased to see that the introduction of this technology has had such a positive development across the fleet.”

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