NxtPort International partners with Intertrust on port data automation

NxtPort International, a joint venture between Vopak and Port of Antwerp’s digital platform operator NxtPort, has partnered with distributed IT/OT technology company Intertrust on a new platform for automation of IoT-enabled ports.

The partnership aims to assist port operators in integrating multi-party digital data services and IoT devices made by different manufacturers, such as sensors and cameras, into their port operations.

“The global shipping system is essential to the world economy and is the epitome of interoperability,” said Intertrust CEO, Talal Shamoon.

“As ports go digital, data interoperability and secure IoT device operations is mission critical, and we look forward to working with NxtPort International to ensure open and secure data-driven operations.”

The NxtPort International platform will allow port operators to combine confidential and public data into a single system to improve decision making support and to transmit command information to sensors and devices at the port.

Using Intertrust’s Platform technology, port operators will be able to choose from a range of devices and enable third party AI to operate on a digital twin of any given port, sharing value chain data with relevant participants.

“AI and IoT devices provide a bonanza to port operators, yet proprietary formats, data regulations and confidentiality provisions make interconnecting these technologies a nightmare,” said Geert DeWilde, CEO of NxtPort International.

“Intertrust allows us to make all of these technologies sing together in a single platform, while giving our customers the ability to choose the best device and AI for any given job.”

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