ZeroNorth integrates bunkering tech acquisitions

ZeroNorth has announced plans to consolidate its existing bunkering business under the ZeroNorth Bunker brand, following 18 months of investments in a variety of related companies.

During that time ZeroNorth has acquired Clearlynx, Prosmar Bunkering and BTS, serving various different parts of the market. These different entities will now be integrated under a single brand, working together as a unified team.

Specifically, ZeroNorth Bunker will consolidate 13 existing product offerings into six core products covering bunker planning, procurement, supply and trading, pricing and electronic bunker delivery notes (e-BDN).

“Leveraging real-time market insights and with 50 million tonnes of bunkers already traded annually on the platform, we take pride at ZeroNorth in our ability to drive positive change in the bunkering industry,” said Kenneth Juhls, Managing Director for ZeroNorth Bunker.

“This includes accelerating digitalisation and transparency in the sector, which ultimately contributes towards our customers’ decarbonisation and commercial goals.”

The combined unit aims to optimise the bunkering process through analysis of millions of live data points, a method that will be improved through an integrated approach by allowing a greater volume of data to be interpreted.

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