ScanTech Offshore deploys remote monitoring systems from AST

ScanTech Offshore, a global provider of offshore services, has completed the installation of a new remote performance monitoring system from AST Group to collect and analyse live engine data for air compressors.

The company will use the iRAMS GenSet technology on their fleet of rig-safe and Zone II air compressors operating on an offshore vessel up to 30km from shore, near New Shoreham Island in the United States. Each compressor is equipped with a ComAp engine controller to log data.

Previously, ScanTech Offshore had no digital system in place to collect this information and relied entirely on onsite technicians for reporting and adjustments.

“Scantech Offshore approached AST as we had an important project to deliver and were looking for a partner that could deliver end-to-end solutions,” said Scott Berry, Engineering Manager at Scantech Offshore.

“We didn’t want to rely on vessel internet because we required more reliable connectivity with access to an online software platform for data collection. AST, being a local provider, were able to gather all the requirements during a technical visit and provided great assistance in both setting up the system and during the use.”

The company will use the new system to monitor live data from the units and can stop or start the controllers remotely, with sensor and engine data also uploaded to its ERP system as required.

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