Autonomous hull cleaning robots upgraded

Greensea IQ has launched its next generation EverClean service robot, used to provide autonomous underwater hull maintenance services.

The latest EverClean robot is programmed with features like depth aided navigation, smart obstacle avoidance and improved manoeuvring. Hull relative navigation has been made more precise than previous generations, making the robots faster and more efficient in cleaning ships.

The robots can autonomously cover areas up to 50 square metres on a ship’s hull, pausing only where required for human intervention. ‘Keep out’ zones can also be defined within the software.

The robot hardware has additionally been upgraded, including an increase in the brush deck size to allow the units to double their production rate over that of the first EverClean robots, meaning any given area can be cleaned twice as fast in half the ‘stick time’ (duration of operator supervision).

Improved thrusters will allow better responsiveness and control between operator and robot, and will support more efficient power utilisation and optimised distribution within the system.

“We are extremely proud of the new system. The latest enhancements represent a major milestone in providing a reliable robotic solution to providing always clean hulls for ship owners and operators,” said Rob Howard, CGO at Greensea IQ.

“The unrivalled capabilities and performance we can provide them with today is a comprehensive solution that redefines efficiency and safety in underwater maintenance, which not only meets the current demands for better performance and lower emissions of the industry, but also anticipates future needs.”

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