Intellian develops Iridium GMDSS terminal

Intellian and Iridium have developed a new Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) safety display terminal, utilising Iridium’s global Low Earth Orbit (LEO) L-band network.

The Intellian GMDSS safety terminal will include access to Maritime Safety Information, Safety Voice, and a one-touch Distress Alert function. The units will also support SSAS and LRIT, as well as the full range of Iridium Certus standard services including voice and broadband data.

GMDSS distress alerts are automatically routed to a Rescue Coordination Centre (RCC) based on the location of the vessel. Alternatively, a user may pre-select an RCC of their choice. Nearby vessels can also be alerted and called directly, enabling them to potentially offer faster assistance to those in distress.

“Iridium’s GMDSS service brings many new capabilities to the maritime industry. The combination of Iridium Certus, the fastest L-band broadband service, with Iridium GMDSS and security services establishes a new standard in maritime communications technology,” said Wouter Deknopper, Vice-President and General Manager Maritime Business at Iridium.

“The new Intellian terminal delivering Iridium GMDSS services will ensure that even more seafarers will have peace of mind and that no matter their location, they’ll remain safe and connected.”

Introduction of the new terminals to the market is planned for Q4 2024.

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