Shipbroker SSY launches EU ETS calculator

Shipbroker SSY has announced the launch of its new SSY Carbon Calculator, aiming to support its clients in navigating their transition into the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS).

From 1 January 2024, qualifying vessels visiting EU ports will be required to offset their applicable CO2 voyage emissions through the purchase of an equivalent number of EU Allowances (EUAs). The cost and quantity of EUA purchases can be estimated using the SSY Carbon Calculator, which is available via the SSY Navigator portal.

Users can input the details of their planned route and vessel parameters, including leg distance and time at port, and the sofwatre will provide an estimate of their market exposure including total CO2 emissions, required EUAs and the cost of those EUAs.

The new Carbon Calculator follows on from SSY’s September launch of its broader EU ETS compliance system, which enables procurement and warehousing of EUAs on behalf of its customers.

“It’s the proverbial eleventh hour – on the 1st January, shipping is scheduled to be included in the EU ETS. Thankfully, SSY’s client base is generally well prepared with strategies in place to manage their EU Allowance exposure but of course, there’s always a lot to be done at the eleventh hour,” said Alastair Stevenson, Head of Digital Analysis at SSY.

“SSY stands ready to assist clients manage their EUA exposure through our comprehensive carbon solutions, market analysis, client briefings and our newly launched Carbon Calculator. It’s another reason why experience matters.”

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