Harbor Lab expands port call management capabilities with software acquisitions

Athens-based Harbor Lab has announced the acquisition of two maritime software products from Osiris Ltd in the UK, with the aim of integrating the new technologies into its existing e-disbursements accounts analysis software, used to automatically calculate and evaluate port expenses against real-time port tariffs.

SOFeXchange is a digital Statement of Facts (SoF) system offering features such as real-time insights into port events, Smart Laytime Events for different cargo types, and handling of documents and attachments such as Notices of Readiness and Bills of Lading.

DEMeXchange, a digital demurrage calculation tool, can be used alongside SOFeXchange, directly importing information, events, and time stamps to create demurrage and despatch calculations based on Charter Party demurrage terms.

By including these new applications within the Harbor Lab software package, users will be able to digitally map events during a port call to calculate laytime and demurrage charges, helping to improve the efficiency of vessel turnaround operations.

“We are immensely proud of our first acquisition as it is a giant leap forward for the transformational shift we want to bring. We are now one step closer to our vision for a digitally connected industry that truly streamlines and optimises port call related processes,” said Harbor Lab’s Founder and CEO, Antonis Malaxianakis.

“We want teams to make accurate decisions based on data, not gut feelings. By automating and streamlining these processes through a single platform, operations and demurrage teams can redirect their efforts toward more complex and value-added tasks, unlocking unprecedented savings opportunities in contracts.”

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