Orca AI releases updated digital watchkeeping unit

Orca AI has released the latest version of its SeaPod digital watchkeeping unit, an automatic navigational assistant utilising computer vision and machine learning to assist in managing operations in marine traffic.

SeaPod is designed to support crews by detecting, tracking, and prioritising targets, irrespective of distance. The system uses AI to continually self-improve over time, to increase its safety standards and operational efficiency, and potentially laying the groundwork for autonomous navigation in the future.

Located on the ship’s compass deck, the unit features five day-view cameras (225° FOV) and three thermal-view cameras (100° FOV) using FLIR technology. Integration with AIS and ARPA data can generate a more complete overview about each target, with the system capable of detecting objects up to four nautical miles away in all weather conditions.

The 10kg SeaPod can operate in temperatures from -20°C to +40°C and complies with regulatory standards such as IMO’s SOLAS Chapter V Regulation 22 and the STCW.

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