Columbia Group launches maritime tech venture capital firm

Columbia Group has announced the launch of a new venture capital arm, to be named Galactic Beacon Ventures.

The entity plans to identify and nurture innovative ideas into viable businesses across the maritime, logistics, energy and leisure sectors, with the backing of the Columbia Group and its network of clients and partners.

“We are seeing a lot of innovative and interesting ideas coming to us from new start-ups and we wanted to launch a platform where we and our partners can get involved and support from the very beginning,” said Chief Investment Officer at Galactic Beacon Ventures, Kyriakos Vlachos.

“We thrive on challenging conventional wisdom, spotting potential early on, and backing visionary founders with conviction, long before the more cautious investors catch on. Our commitment goes beyond financial support; we become partners on your journey, working closely to navigate challenges and seize opportunities.”

“Our commitment to excellence is evident in our streamlined investment process. We assess opportunities meticulously and create pathways for high growth and scalability. We pride ourselves on leaving a legacy of innovation, progress, and positive impact. With our global perspective, we connect diverse expertise, networks, and ideas to exploit synergies, accelerate growth and shape industries.”

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