ScanReach launches NMEA node for shipboard data collection

Wireless vessel data technology company ScanReach has launched a new NMEA Communication Node, to streamline navigational data collection from shipboard equipment utilising the NMEA (National Marine Electronics Association) standard communication format.

The system is particularly focused on enabling access to NMEA 0183 data from various marine electronic devices, such as GPS receivers, anemometers, speed logs, autopilots, and other navigational instruments.

The ScanReach NMEA Communication Node integrates with the ScanReach Onboard Wireless Connectivity (OWC) network, allowing wireless transmission and sharing of the data from the NMEA-connected systems. The new tool also supports integration with shipping companies’ existing reporting platforms through an Application Programming Interface (API).

“The launch of our NMEA Node is a testament to our ongoing commitment to transforming maritime data management,” said Tor-Erik Rong, Chief Business Development Officer at ScanReach.

“This solution not only streamlines the process of accessing and disseminating navigational sensor data but also provides unmatched adaptability and convenience. It allows shipping companies to integrate critical navigation information seamlessly into their preferred software systems.”

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Rob O'Dwyer

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