NAPA Studios launched

NAPA has announced the launch of NAPA Studios, which will host a range of joint projects with industry stakeholders and look for ways that its software systems can be integrated with other maritime technology innovations.

The initiative plans to bring together data and industry expertise from shipowners, charterers, shipyards, classification societies, but also financiers and insurers, to work on projects that will provide more clarity on the practical implications of deploying new technologies or contracts.

NAPA Studios will work directly with individual supply chain stakeholders on tailored projects that will leverage NAPA’s software, performance models, and experience with digital twins and simulation tools.

This could, for example, deliver new methods for shipyards to make use of ships’ operational data to improve future designs, or support shipowners and charterers in assessing their fleets’ environmental performance and potential emissions reductions and cost savings.

Modelling can be used to provide a data-driven picture of the future impact of deploying new technologies, such as weather routing, wind propulsion, or batteries, on a vessel’s safety, operations and cargo capacity. It can also help to validate the performance of new systems once installed on board.

“In practice, this means using solid digital tools to solve practical problems such as helping shipyards and owners assess the future impact of new technologies on their specific ships,” said Naoki Mizutani, Executive Vice President for NAPA Studios at NAPA.

“But it doesn’t stop there – our aim is also to reach across all key maritime stakeholders, including financial, insurance, governments and cargo owners, to enable the industry to confidently embrace new partnerships and business models, which are essential to solve current uncertainties and make the energy transition a reality.”

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