NorthStandard encourages members to implement AI

Marine insurer NorthStandard has entered into a partnership with software company Orca AI, adding the AI-based system to its new Get SET! range of digital risk-reduction tools to protect members, their crews and assets.

By continuously monitoring the maritime environment and providing real-time data and insights, the Orca AI platform aims to reduce the chances of accidents or delays through improved situational awareness for the crew and better operational decision making.

By detecting and alerting crew to high-risk marine targets, ships can also avoid unnecessary manoeuvres and speed drops, reducing fuel burn and emissions.

As part of the Get SET! programme NorthStandard will incentivise its members to adopt the AI-based situational awareness system by subsidising their investments. The insurer hopes that using the application will help to reduce bridge workloads, driving safer decisions and fewer human errors.

Over time, analysis of the available data from the Orca AI system could also allow shipowners and operators to identify safety gaps and trends in their operations that require action.

“Having seen how Orca AI supports the bridge team by improving their situational awareness we are confident that it reduces the number of close quarters situations,” said NorthStandard Global Head of Loss Prevention Colin Gillespie.

“By extension this must reduce the number of collisions, so it was an easy decision to partner with them to support NorthStandard members in enhancing the safety of their operations.”

“The Orca AI platform is already used by leading shipping companies worldwide and we believe it will quickly deliver safety and operational benefits to those of our members who choose to deploy it.”

The Get SET! portfolio of navigational safety products was launched in January this year with the NorthStandard ‘ECDIS Training Assessment’ (ETA) platform.

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