Elcome to offer PAYG satcom

Dubai-based Elcome International has announced the launch of a pay-as-you-go Starlink satellite internet package for ships and offshore installations, named WELCOME.

The service is offered with no fixed monthly fees and allows crew members to purchase data bundles or monthly subscriptions starting at US$3, using credit cards, online wallets, and other payment methods.

Crews will also be able to ‘roam’ between WELCOME-equipped vessels, enabling them to use the data they purchase on one ship on any others that are signed up to the service.

“We are excited to introduce WELCOME, a game-changing maritime internet service that will revolutionise how ships and offshore installations stay connected at sea,” said Asneed Ameer, Senior Manager Connectivity at Elcome.

“As an industry first, Elcome will be offering a free Starlink Flat High-Performance Kit for qualifying customers. This means crews can benefit from WELCOME without any upfront investment and with no fixed monthly cost.”

The new offering, set to come online in May 2024, will have coverage in international waters and the territorial waters of 70 countries.

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