Spire to leverage NVIDIA AI tech to improve weather forecasting

Space-based data company Spire has announced a collaboration with NVIDIA to improve its AI-driven weather prediction services.

Through this collaboration, Spire’s Radio Occultation (RO) data and analysis capabilities will be integrated with NVIDIA Earth-2 Cloud APIs to leverage AI in improving its climate and weather predictions.

Spire’s constellation of satellites offers global coverage of vertical profiles of temperature, pressure, and humidity across the globe. Leveraging NVIDIA’s technology, the company aims to deliver differentiated forecast products that would not be computationally feasible using traditional numerical weather prediction (NWP) models.

This will include large ensemble systems capturing the entire range of possible weather outcomes and generative AI downscaling models resolving fine forecast details over local areas, which will be used to improve Spire’s core products, such as the DeepVision weather risk mitigation platform and maritime route optimisation.

“As our world grapples with dynamic shifts in climate, anticipating and mitigating the impact of extreme-weather events poses escalating challenges for companies, individuals, and communities,” said Michael Eilts, general manager of weather and climate at Spire.

“Aligning Spire’s proprietary data and unmatched global weather coverage with NVIDIA’s cutting-edge technology and expertise positions us to markedly elevate the accuracy of weather prediction. This collaboration will help ensure our customers are not just informed but empowered to proactively address the evolving climate landscape.”

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