ST Engineering iDirect introduces latest ground system tech for satcom providers

ST Engineering iDirect has introduced its next-generation ground system, Intuition, to support improved efficiency, interoperability and bandwidth utilisation in satellite connectivity.

The new system is built with a virtualised, cloud-based infrastructure to allow satellite service providers to scale more quickly, with multi-orbit support to deliver services in every orbit. Intuition also features end-to-end orchestration to dynamically adjust resource and service allocation to meet changing demands across a ‘network of networks’.

“We’ve listened intently to our customers’ needs and ambitions. Intuition represents the point where everything comes together – its goal is to constantly learn and anticipate, to understand every aspect of what’s happening inside the network, and to make the right decisions at every step in this increasingly complex environment,” said Don Claussen, CEO at ST Engineering iDirect.

“There are billions of dollars in new service revenues at stake in the coming years, driven by new applications, pricing models, and the promise of telco convergence. The most significant opportunities are achievable only to those who are dedicated to the same digital journey that transformed cellular and wireless industries – interoperability in a global, multi-domain, cloud-enabled, standards-based telecom model.”

“This open mindset is the path we believe moves the industry past its traditional growth constraints and delivers the maximum financial return possible on strategic space and ground investments.”

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