Neuron adds streaming quality tool to satcom management platform

Satcom management tech company Neuron has introduced a new Streaming QoE (Quality of Experience) service to optimise and control streaming over satellite.

The new tool analyses video performance metrics to determine how long it will take to watch a video, measured against how long it should take to watch that same video taking into account load time or buffering impacts, to deliver a QoE score between 0 and 100.

Because different streaming resolutions have different throughput and latency needs, the system also generates different QoE scores for 360p, 720p and 1080p resolutions.

On the network side, QoE scores are an indicator of overall performance. If scores drop, users can dig deeper into the factors impacting their performance using the software, analysing parameters as upstream condition, downstream condition, weather events and others.

They can also see trends over time, create benchmarks, and begin to predict QoE in particular conditions, for example, on certain routes or in regions with network congestion where the streaming experience may be poor.

The streaming tool can be directly linked with Neuron’s Grid AI-powered network management system to manage a variety of factors that may impact QoE, including application requirements, network performance, location, time, available bandwidth and cost constraints, to offer real-time optimisation for maximum QoE.

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