Danica launches AI-powered seafarer recruitment platform

Danica Crewing Specialists has introduced a new recruitment platform which aims to streamline communication with seafarers and enable ship owners to fill vacancies with competent crew by leveraging technologies like AI to process applications and keep paperwork up to date.

Danica says that it has a database of more than 65,000 seafarer applicants spanning various nationalities and ranks, all actively seeking employment on various vessel types.

The company employs a screening process and various recruitment procedures to verify the quality and competency of the crew it supplies.

“Danica has carefully listened to ship owners and operators to understand their needs and respond to their concerns in relation to recruitment. Our new recruitment platform, accessed by seafarers via our crewing website, aims to bring the latest technology and smart solutions to the process of finding genuinely competent crew without dropping standards,” said Henrik Jensen, Danica Founder and CEO.

“When shipping companies have vacancies on their vessels they want to instantly be introduced to competent candidates. With Danica, each seafarer new to us goes through a rigorous application process which is time-consuming but necessary, particularly today when the instances of ‘polished’ CVs is on the rise.”

“In the past we had to contact each potential seafarer applicant to discuss the vacancy, obtain up-to-date data, negotiate salary and conditions, and conduct our extensive screening services. The laborious process could be at odds with a shipping company’s need to be instantly presented with suitable candidates.”

The new platform can speed up the process by automating job searches and initial negotiations with seafarer applicants, using machine learning technology and artificial intelligence (AI) to match candidates to vacancies, as well as answering applicant questions and assisting the company’s human recruitment teams in processing crew.

The new system also has the ability to learn from its interactions, allowing it to operate quicker and more efficiently over time.

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