Sealenic launched as latest Flagship Founders spin-off

Berlin-based venture studio Flagship Founders has announced the spin-off of its fifth start-up with the launch of Sealenic, currently developing an information retrieval and management platform powered by artificial intelligence.

The start-up’s board features several shipping company development partners, including Reederei F. Laeisz, Fairplay Towage Group and Harren Ship Management, who are already testing the system in their operational processes.

The companies’ feedback will be used to further develop and optimise the software ahead of a planned commercial launch in summer 2024.

Sealenic is building an information retrieval and management platform to assist in finding information on issues such as HSEQ, safety and nautical topics from various company data silos like PDFs or email.

Utilising AI technology and working with Large Language Models (LLMs) such as Open AI, users of the software can enter their questions into a search and receive an answer with details of the relevant sources of information.

The system is built on general public knowledge (e.g. BIMCO, IMO, EU and State law data) but is also able to ingest private company data and give answers that will prioritise internal information.

“The time is ripe for a solution like Sealenic’s. Nobody wants to trawl through emails or various documents every day to find important information,” said Billel Ridelle, Founder and Managing Director of Sealenic.

“AI finally makes this unnecessary. However, the technology must be integrated into a software solution in such a way that its strengths are utilised to the full, while full data security is guaranteed. Sealenic will offer exactly that and thus set new standards in information management in the maritime industry.”

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