GeoServe joins DNV Veracity platform

Maritime software company GeoServe Energy Transport DMCC has announced a strategic partnership with DNV’s Veractiy cloud platform to support automated data collection, processing, and verification.

GeoServe’s systems will be integrated with Veracity to reduce the need for multiple daily voyage reporting forms by vessels, allowing various reports to be completed using one single customisable daily voyage report called GeoForms.

GeoServe customers who use DNV’s Emissions Connect service will have one centralised location for managing their emissions data and accessing verification statements, as well as performing voyage simulations for Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) ratings and EU ETS allowances.  

Similarly, existing DNV customers will gain access to GeoServe’s end-to-end emissions management services, including EUA trading and carbon accounting.

“We are glad to welcome GeoServe onboard as a valued integrated partner to Veracity,” said Mikkel Skou, Executive Director of Veracity.

“In Veracity, our ambition is to deliver trust and connectivity to industry digitalisation and partnering with data providers such as GeoServe is an important step in this journey. Together, we make it easier and more efficient for shipowners and managers to turn their operational vessel data from raw unstructured data into refined, standardised data that is verified by DNV.”

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