Carnival completes fleet environmental management software roll-out

Carnival Corporation reports that it has completed the roll-out of LR OneOcean’s EnviroManager+ software, to be used for voyage and environmental planning across its cruise fleet.

The system will assist in the management of passage planning and compliance with all relevant international, regional, national, and local environmental regulations.

The EnviroManager+ system was jointly developed by Carnival and LR OneOcean during a five-year collaboration involving maritime officials, shipboard crew members, company and industry environmental experts, and regulatory compliance leaders.

The software is capable of visualising the boundaries of over 500 environmentally regulated zones worldwide, with the data overlaid with other more restrictive industry and Carnival-specific policies to cover the full scope of all environmental rules and regulations, regardless of governing body or jurisdiction.

Updates to all policies and regulations are automatically shared with the fleet via a shore-to-ship data service within the LR OneOcean digital platform, which also automatically sends approved passage plans ashore for access by shoreside personnel.

“Complying with environmental regulations is a top priority, and it is a real challenge for the cruise industry, as regulations and requirements constantly evolve and become more complex,” said John Haeflinger, Senior VP, Sustainability and Maritime Policy at Carnival Corporation.

“As an industry leader proactively engaged in marine stewardship, we need to be confident that our operations meet all environmental requirements, including our own policies, which are often more restrictive.”

“Given our longstanding engagement and collaboration on this project, LR OneOcean EnviroManager+ now gives us that confidence.”

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