Simon Møkster Shipping completes fleet hybrid connectivity upgrade

Simon Møkster Shipping has completed a fleet-wide upgrade of its shipboard connectivity systems, moving to a hybrid network set-up delivered by its satcom service provider Marlink.

Simon Møkster Shipping operates a fleet of support vessels to the offshore energy sector, comprising 15 vessels designed for operations in harsh weather conditions. From its head office in Stavanger, Norway, it has approximately 500 employees in onshore and offshore roles.

The new Sealink Nextgen system includes the Starlink LEO service alongside traditional VSAT, which will be used to support standard office software applications, including Microsoft Teams as the vessels’ default collaboration platform and primary voice channel.

Simon Møkster was among the first operators to deploy the hybrid network system from Marlink, progressively upgrading its fleet to allow the ships to be properly integrated as floating offices.

The company says that it has received positive feedback from its crews based on the availability of social media on the vessels, free of charge, with high bandwidth begin enjoyed across the North Sea and Barents Sea.

“Our company is one for which the values of quality, integrity and hard work are engrained within our staff and our fleet operations, especially when it comes to safe and efficient sailing,” said Terje Gjerde, Simon Møkster Shipping.

“This next stage of our journey will see us engage with a new era of digital operations, with vessels and shore teams working as one regardless of their physical location.”

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