Marlink LEO deployments surpass 3,000

The changing demographics of maritime connectivity and the proliferation of hybrid vessel networks incorporating LEO (low earth orbit) technologies across the global fleet has been highlighted by an announcement from Marlink that it has now sold more than 3,200 LEO terminals.

The company notes that the number of vessel operators upgrading their onboard networks to include LEO systems continues to increase, with systems from Starlink or Eutelsat OneWeb being deployed alongside VSAT, 4G/5G, and terrestrial fibre services as users seek to deploy standard software applications and connect remote and floating assets to the cloud.

As Posidonia begins in Athens, Marlink notes that in the last 12 months alone this group has included Greek shipowners Thenamaris, Polembros Shipping and Sun Enterprises.

“LEO is undoubtedly the service that the shipping industry has been waiting for; it creates possibilities and increases the opportunity for both crew and business solutions,” said Tore Morten Olsen, President, Maritime, Marlink.

“We think that growth will continue but the evidence is that vessel operators will continue to maintain a blended network, with cyber security at the core as the digital journey continues.”

To highlight the growing cyber risk from improved connectivity, data from the Marlink Security Operations Centre has shown that major incidents are increasing quarter on quarter. In an average three-month period, the Marlink SOC registers around 70,000 alerts of which around 50% constitute high severity incidents.

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