Windward adds Organization Defined Risk service

Windward has announced the launch of a new Organization Defined Risk (ODR) service, a risk management tool integrated into its maritime AI platform to allow users to independently define and configure risk and behavioural indicators that fit their own requirements.

In addition to predefined customisable regimes and lookback periods, organisations will have the ability to define and configure customised risk profiles – for example, users could define a query such as ‘vessels that called port in Myanmar in the past year’ and save it with a moderate, high-risk, or indication level.

Once a behavioural indicator or sequence has been defined, users will be able to screen vessels and see both Windward’s risk recommendation as well as the recommendation defined by their organisation.

“As the sanctions and risk landscape evolves faster than ever, we at Windward are constantly in tune with our customers’ requirements and realised the need for agility and the ability to add their own definitions and variations of maritime risk,” said Ami Daniel, Co-founder & CEO of Windward.

“From the dark or grey fleet to humanitarian, security, or sanctions considerations, Windward is now empowering customers to be one step ahead of the game, mitigate risk, and maximise business opportunities.”

“This is a testament to Windward’s significant investment in R&D, allowing our current and future customers to benefit from a dynamic solution for any situation.”

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