NorthStandard to encourage insurance clients to adopt ShipIn AI platform

NorthStandard and ShipIn Systems have announced a collaboration that will see ShipIn’s AI-powered FleetVision system made available as part of Get SET!, the marine insurer’s digital portfolio for safety improvement and reduced operating costs.

FleetVision uses camera technology blended with AI to continuously monitor and report on shipboard operations, automatically identifying and reporting risks and non-conformances.

The software allows the captain and crew onboard to self-assess and use the information provided to deliver improvements in their vessels’ safety and productivity across bridge conduct, security, cargo operations, and maintenance activities.

“ShipIn can help the maritime industry take a leap forward,” said Colin Gillespie, Global Head of Loss Prevention, NorthStandard.

“FleetVision allows seafarers onboard and operations teams ashore to see the same information live. This helps close the ship-shore gap, allowing the ship and shore staff to collaborate more effectively. In turn this should drive improvements in safety culture and operational efficiency.”

“FleetVision will help members become more proactive in finding ways to prevent tomorrow’s losses by offering insights into routine operations and sharing best practices across the fleet.”

NorthStandard says it will offer members a “significant subsidy” to encourage initial deployment of FleetVision.

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