HD Hyundai and KR to test latest smart ship platform

HD Hyundai has signed an MoU with class society KR to collaborate on a pilot project evaluating the latest version of the cloud-based smart ship system (ISS 2.0) developed by the shipbuilder.

KR plans to conduct technical reviews of the system based on classification rules as well as domestic and international regulations, verifying its suitability for widespread use.

The smart ship system being evaluated is a cloud-based platform developed in collaboration with HD HHI, HD KSOE, and HD HMS, with functions including optimal route guidance, crew task support functions, and accident video analysis.

“HD Hyundai is striving to secure user-centred digital solution technology,” said Jeon Seung-Ho, HD HHI’s Senior Executive Vice President.

“The next-generation smart ship solution developed this time allows continuous remote onshore software management and updates to new solutions, even after delivery to a ship. We will continue to enhance digital ship development by upgrading and adding cloud-based AI operation guide functions to make it easier for crews to operate equipment.”

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