POLO Port Activity added to Fintraffic digital services

Fintraffic’s Vessel Traffic Services reports that it is expanding its digital capabilities with the acquisition of POLO Port Activity, incorporating an application previously developed by software company Unikie.

Unikie had been developing POLO as an additional service based on the needs of different ports using Fintraffic’s Port Activity application. POLO Port Activity transferred to Fintraffic’s Vessel Traffic Services on 7 June 2024, with Unikie selling the POLO business.

“Fintraffic’s Port Activity application is already in use in more than 20 ports in Finland and Sweden and in about a couple of hundred different organisations,” said Fintraffic’s Vessel Traffic Services CEO Rami Metsäpelto.

“The application helps maritime logistics actors and ports to develop their operations in a more efficient direction through real-time vessel and port information. Fintraffic will continue to develop Port Activity in a customer-oriented and open manner, where port-specific service development will continue to play a key role.”

The Port Activity application provides real-time arrival and departure information for ships, emission calculations, berth planning, information on detachment and mooring and invoicing services, water and waste management orders, and tug and pilotage requirements.

The service is built on an open ecosystem basis, which allows ports to customise functions according to their own needs.

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