ScanReach adds wireless gas detection

Maritime IoT company ScanReach has launched a new system designed to increase onboard safety by improving gas detection capabilities.

Its Fire Risk & Onboard Safety system will sit alongside its existing Location Management (ConnectPOB), Fuel & Emissions Monitoring (ConnectFuel), and Cargo Monitoring (ConnectCCM) wireless vessel networking products.

“Our new gas detection capabilities mark the start of ScanReach’s Fire Risk & Onboard Safety domain,” said Sven Brooks, CEO of ScanReach.

“ScanReach customers can rely on the OWC (onboard wireless connectivity) as the ever-expanding infrastructure they had expected, revolutionising connectivity and IoT adoption in maritime transportation.”

“The gas detection technology is integrated within ScanReach’s comprehensive OWC services, ensuring a robust and holistic safety environment for maritime operations. By confirming compatibility with the Prosense PQN series, we are exploring new potential use cases for gas sensing, complementing existing safety solutions.”

The system offers continuous monitoring of gas levels with alerts for custom thresholds and is fully integrated with ScanReach’s other wireless IoT systems to create a combined safety and monitoring platform.

The hardware offered can detect approximately 30 different gases, including methane, ammonia, carbon monoxide and hydrogen, to cover a range of potential hazards.

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