HMM introduces eBLs with CargoX

Korean container carrier HMM has announced a new strategic partnership with CargoX, a deal that will see electronic bill of lading (eBL) features introduced to the HMM digital service platform.

Through this partnership, HMM customers will gain access to the CargoX application, which will be integrated into HMM’s systems to streamline eBL workflows.

“We are delighted to announce the launch of our electronic bill of lading service in partnership with CargoX, a leading provider of electronic document solutions,” said Jang Won Jun, SVP of HMM’s Container Operation Office.

“This new eBL capability will enable us to deliver an enhanced service to our customers and spearhead the digitalisation of the shipping industry.”

Customers using HMM services will be able to generate eBLs within the system and transfer them through the global CargoX platform, supporting digital features such as transfer, surrender, and document acceptance.

Each eBL is recorded on a public ledger, creating an immutable record of all documentation, with accessible audit logs.

Initially, the service will support electronic bills of lading in PDF format, with structured data eBLs based on the forthcoming DCSA eBL standard expected to be available soon.

“This collaboration advances global trade by implementing efficient, fast, and secure electronic bills of lading. As the logistics industry digitises, we are proud to support HMM in leading this transformation,” said Bojan Čekrlić, CEO of CargoX.

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