MAN Energy Solutions’ engine monitoring platform gets ABS cyber approval

MAN CEON, the digital platform for engine monitoring from MAN Energy Solutions, has been granted a Cyber Security Product Design Assessment (PDA) certificate by class society ABS.

MAN CEON connects vessel machinery to Amazon Web Services (AWS), the Amazon cloud platform. The data transmitted is used to provide information on efficiency of components and systems, availability of those systems and to support real time monitoring from shore.

The PDA is part of the ABS CyberSafety Programme that aims to assist equipment manufacturers in identifying and remedying system-specific cybersecurity vulnerabilities within risk management processes, and in the final system itself.

“MAN CEON is characterised by its advanced data-analysis capabilities and offers real-time monitoring and support for MAN Energy Solutions products worldwide,” said Gregory Puckett, Chief Digital Officer of MAN Energy Solutions.

“The platform integrates data analytics, machine learning, and predictive technologies to optimise performance, enhance efficiency, and minimise downtime.”

“We are thrilled to receive this certification from ABS. It is a significant milestone, which stands testament to the robustness and resilience of MAN CEON’s digital infrastructure and its adherence to the highest standards of cybersecurity. It not only validates our efforts in implementing stringent cybersecurity measures but also reinforces our commitment to delivering secure, high-quality digital solutions to our customers in the maritime and energy sectors.”

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