Equinox Maritime deploys Starlink

Equinox Maritime has become the latest Greek operator to introduce Starlink on board its vessels, introducing the service across its fleet of 23 bulk carriers.

Established in 2001 in Athens, the company has begun with an initial 50 GB plan from its satcom service provider Navarino, though this may be increased to a 250 GB plan in future if it continues to be impressed by the performance of the network.

Equinox Maritime was already using Fleet Xpress from Navarino on some of its vessels, in combination with the Infinity communications management system.

“I can definitely say that Starlink has been a real game changer for both our business and crew communications. Thanks to its very high speed and low latency, Starlink has enabled many new ways of working with our vessels,” said Equinox Maritime IT Manager, Thodoris Efstathiou.

“For example, we are now able to support and deploy software completely remotely, and when needed we have high quality video calls with our seafarers, as if they were on a terrestrial network. Also, being able to use cloud services and Office 365 is very convenient and has been a big upgrade compared to when we had only VSAT services.”

“Our crews and their welfare is an absolute priority for Equinox Maritime, and I am delighted to say that Starlink has really helped to exponentially improve their connection with their loved ones. We provide them with a set amount of data for free each month, and the feedback we have received from our vessels about using Starlink has been very positive.”

Mr Efstathiou notes that, while Starlink has performed well in areas where the company’s ships had previously experienced coverage gaps, such as in the far South Atlantic and South Pacific, there are currently still areas where Starlink coverage is not available so it can’t be relied on as the sole link on board.

“I feel it is important for ship operators to keep other networks such as VSAT or L-band in combination with Starlink in order to maintain connectivity with vessels at all times,” he said.

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