DNK looks to automate insurance reporting

DNK (Den Norske Krigsforsikring for Skib), the Norwegian maritime war risk insurance club, has announced a collaboration agreement with UK-based Clearwater Tracking to provide DNK members with a new system for monitoring of ship positions and breach reporting, integrated into the Clearwater Portal.

The system has been developed jointly between the two parties to automate war risk insurance reporting requirements, including direct integration into DNK’s back-office functionalities, and provides a platform to enable other digital services to Norwegian fleet owners. The automated reporting system interfaces directly with the Paris insurance system delivered by Norway’s Noria company.

The Clearwater system features a high-capacity Raptor satellite transponder, developed in partnership with Orbcomm, and a software package that includes the Clearwater Portal supported by a 24-hour operations cell that provides crisis management response and global maritime intelligence alerts.

Developed jointly by Clearwater and DNK over the last 18 months, Clearwater and DNK have agreed a programme of installations covering 2,700 vessels.

“The insurance business is witnessing rapid technological progress characterised by digitalisation and the interconnection of systems,” said DNK Chief Executive Svein Ringbakken.

“Our ambition in DNK is to be among the leaders of this development within marine insurance. The digital tracking system being offered to shipowners has been chosen primarily because it automates time-consuming processes on the insurance side.”

“However, it’s also important that our member companies get the opportunity to use the information in their own operations and that other sensors can be tied in.”

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