MOL signs fleet intelligence deal

MOL (Mitsui O.S.K. Lines) has agreed a deal with Helsinki-headquartered NAPA, which will see the Finnish software developer provide performance analysis and reporting for 80 of MOL’s time-chartered bulk carriers.

The NAPA Fleet Intelligence system will combine proprietary data modelling with open source data and MOL’s own reports to produce analytics. MOL will receive fleet-wide hull performance analysis, voyage-by-voyage performance reports, and voyage planning from the Cloud-based system.

The software uses data from noon reports as well as remote analytics to precisely categorise fuel use into individual categories such as calm sea consumption, and can also identify the causes of increased fuel use, such as environmental effects or hull fouling.

The noon reports are further combined with remote-sensed data such as AIS, chart data and environmental data, with all of this data then processed through algorithms and hydrodynamic calculations developed by NAPA based on ship performance models for each vessel type.

“MOL continually strives to be a worldwide leader in the safe and reliable transportation of natural resources. We are proactive in introducing technologies that will provide major contributions to that performance,” said Toshiaki Tanaka, managing executive officer at Mitsui O.S.K. Lines.

“NAPA Fleet Intelligence provides us with the tools we need to accurately assess the technical and commercial performance of our fleet to a level of detail that was previously unattainable for chartered ships – unless owners had already installed performance monitoring.”

“It also gives us performance reporting that’s completely consistent across our entire chartered dry bulk fleet. We look forward to working with NAPA to further develop this tool to deliver the best results.”

NAPA Fleet Intelligence is delivered in a single format for all chartered vessels, regardless of the onboard systems installed, to deliver a consistent approach across the fleet.

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