GNS announces SIRM partnership

Maritime technology company GNS has announced a new strategic partnership with SIRM, a supplier of navigation and telecommunications equipment, that will see the companies combine GNS’s software and navigation technologies with SIRM’s Cloud-based services and telecommunications capabilities.

The first focus area of the new partnership is the integration of SIRM’s FleetOnCloud and GNS’s Voyager FLEET INSIGHT system, to allow owners and managers to track vessel movements, monitor performance and support incident management from shore.

Voyager FLEET INSIGHT is GNS’s web-based data analytics software that monitors vessel movements, identifies unnecessary navigation spending, and helps keep track of compliance KPIs. FleetOnCloud is used to connect ship company logistics, engineering and navigation departments directly with the data and information produced by their fleets.

FleetOnCloud works by capturing data from around the ship, including real time video of ECDIS and radar as well as from onboard sensors, to meet noon report, EU-MRV and other reporting requirements. Data is stored on the included ‘Readybox’ onboard hardware.

“We are very pleased to be working with SIRM on this exciting initiative. By combining GNS’s expertise in maritime solutions with SIRM’s vision for ship-shore data exchange, we can achieve exciting new digitally-led efficiencies and safety improvements,” said Paul Stanley, chief executive of the GNS Group.

“Together GNS and SIRM are developing new and exciting innovations ashore and on board that address user challenges and help shipping companies achieve the efficiencies and improvements promised by digital navigation.”

The combined system uses a Cloud-based architecture, and can be accessed via an app optimised for tablets and smartphones.

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